Floodlight Asymmetric ProTour

ProTour Asymmetric Courts Lights

It is designed to be cost-saving for project requirements. Most importantly, the price is very competitive with 150Lm/ W high efficiency.

15°/ 30°/ 60°/ 90°/ 120°/ T2M/ T3M.
All kinds of different beam-angle better for different project, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball, etc

The asymmetrical ProTour floodlight is available with Revit BIM files.

Benefits of the asymmetric ProTour Led Spotlight, IP66 & IK08

Great light. The brightness of the 150W asymmetric Led ProTour projector has a luminous flux of 22,5000Lm, 30,000Lm for the 200W version and 45,000Lm for the 300W version.
Long shelf life. The IP66 – IK08 protections that the asymmetrical ProTour Led spotlight has guarantee an extremely long life outdoors and shock resistance, the frequency to change led lamps is also reduced as not so with traditional HPS or metal halide bulbs.
Modern design. The housing of this LED floodlight is made of die-cast aluminum which can ensure excellent dissipation.
App. These LED luminaires are suitable for lighting playgrounds and sports courts, stadiums, squares and gardens, billboards, garages and car parks, exterior walls of buildings and many more places.

Characteristics of the asymmetric ProTour Led Spotlight, IP66 & IK08

  • LED light
  • Lumileds 3030 LED with real efficiency 150Lm/w
  • Power: 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 300W.
  • Lens Available Angles: PC Lens (30°/60°/90°/T2M/ T3M), glass (120 °)
  • 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
  • Die-cast aluminum material

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