foco led para estadios deportivos

High Mast Light BARCELONA series

Better Lighting Solution For Sport Field Professional high mast light is required more and more for applications of sport field as it influences players’ performance and contributes to the proper arbitrage. Spectators should enjoy the match safely and without inconvenience caused by glare effects or an uneven light.

Our optical system has been designed to ensure high power but minimize glare. And visor system is used to avoid back light and spill light.

The Barcelona stadium spotlight is available with BIM Revit files.


Rotatable Visor Asymmetric polarized optics and visor works together to minimize glare, back light, and spill light

Laser Sight Easily adjust the direction of illumination to achieve maximum lux and uniformity

Driver box can be fix on bracket or on pole in order to lower the weight of whole fixture and easy maintenance

HD TV broadcasting The LED source has an high TLCI index and a chromatic render index up to 90. This provides the camera with the real color of the scene and flicker-free shooting.

ModelPowerLumenCCTCRIBeamDriverLEDDimPowerWarrantySKU Carton
Size mm
BC600-MLP30-5K600w90000LM5000K>70MLP30InventronicCreeYesAdjustable5 years655*590*275117,81
Driver Box 600W480*300*20018,51
BC1200-MBP70-5K1200w18000LM5000K>70MBP70InventronicCreeYesAdjustable5 years1050*695*275132,21
Driver Box 1200W480*300*20019,11

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