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High Bay AMSTERDAM, 150LM/W, Plug-in Sensor Option

With plug in sensor and different function options such as PIR sensor, micro-wave sensor, Zigbee+sensor, etc, our Amsterdam series UFO is the ideal solution to lower inventory, faster stock turnover, cost saver, and more options for end user. It not only lowers the purchasing cost, but also increases customers’ competitive advantage.

The Amsterdam High Bay is available with BIM Revit files.


More energy saving lighting products are required strongly day by day. And customers pay more attention to the cost saving in a long term run now. Not only higher brightness is a key, but also smart control will save more energy automatically. Our Amsterdam UFO is the ideal solution to meet customers’ need. 150lm/w brightness will save half energy than other competitors, and also the plug-in sensor option will save 40%-60% energy.

 Easy = Money saving

To compare with t he s ensor highbay and zigbee control, our light is more easy to use, more flexible, and easy installation. This not only lowers the label cost, but also makes marketing more easy and provide more options to end user.

Fixed on up to 15meters after installation, the high bay will be not easy to adjust the working program. But the user may not satisfied with the performance and sensitivity or Dim level is needed to adjust for different season. In order to make the extra work easy and no machines are needed, one remote control is provided to re-program the sensor.

ModelPowerLumenCCTCRIBeamDriverLEDDimSensorCableWarrantySKU Carton
Size mm
AM100-90-4K100w15000LM4000K>8090°MosoPhilipsDimWith Plug-in Sensor Option1M5 years305*305*14512,31
AM150-90-4K150w22500LM4000K>8090°MosoPhilipsDimWith Plug-in Sensor Option1M5 years365*365*15013,01
AM200-90-4KD200w30000LM4000K>8090°MosoPhilipsDimWith Plug-in Sensor Option1M5 years410*410*15513,91
AM100-90-5K100w15000LM5000K>8090°MosoPhilipsDimWith Plug-in Sensor Option1M5 years305*305*14512,31
AM100-120-5K100w15000LM5000K>80120°MosoPhilipsDimWith Plug-in Sensor Option1M5 years305*305*14512,31
AM150-120-5K150w22500LM5000K>80120°MosoPhilipsDimWith Plug-in Sensor Option1M5 years365*365*15013,01
AM200-120-5K200w30000LM5000K>80120°MosoPhilipsDimWith Plug-in Sensor Option1M5 years410*410*15513,91
30400070Quick plug-in Micro-wave sensor, (Micro-wave sensor + daylight sensor)2 years330*78*6050,285
30400087Remote Contoller--Buy 20pcs light get 1 for free2 years154*60*2410,101

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