LED Tennis lighting

LED Tennis court lighting

Tennis is a sport where speed is the fundamental issue, where the main point is a small ball that travels at high speed, for this reason both tennis players and tennis referees need to have an extremely clear vision of the ball. tennis throughout the entire course of the game and in order to achieve this, excellent lighting is necessary on the tennis court. The solution for this is to install an LED lighting system on the tennis court.

For this we have to base ourselves on the UNE-EN 12193 standard where it indicates how the lighting of sports facilities should be, where it specifies the minimum lighting levels in terms of horizontal illuminance and uniformity.

iluminación led en pista de tenis


NIVEL DE COMPETICIÓNIluminancia horizontal
E med
Iluminancia horizontal
E min/E med
Competiciones internacionales y nacionales
Competiciones regionales y entrenamiento de alto nivel5000,76050
Competiciones locales, entrenamiento,
uso escolar y recreativo

Guided by this standard, we can decide whether to install 8 200W LED spotlights or 12 200W LED spotlights normally distributed in 4 poles that can measure between 8m to 12m, where each pole has 2 LED Spotlights if it is a field of 8 200W LED spotlights. , Or 3 LED spotlights if it is a field of 12 200W LED spotlights.

Generally, 4 poles with 2 LED lights (8 200W LED lights per tennis court) are used in the courts that are used for school and recreational use, tennis courts for basic level training. We use 4 poles with 3 LED Spotlights (12 200W LED spotlights per tennis court) in the professional courts that are used for high-level training, regional competitions, national competitions and international competitions.

We also have cases in which 10 200w LED Spotlights have been installed, to achieve intermediate lighting.

THE IDEAL is to replace each 400w Metal Halide bulb we have with a 200w LED. With this simple formula, you gain illumination and uniformity.

All based on the lighting levels where there are 3 levels:

Light Level 1: It is the level of competition, such as national competition tennis courts and international competition where it can normally accommodate a large number of spectators.

Light Level 2: Especially for intermediate level competitions such as regional competitions.

Light Level 3: For low-level competition such as local competitions, general training tennis courts and school tennis courts.

Nivel de competiciónNivel Lumínico 1Nivel Lumínico 2Nivel Lumínico 3
Competiciones internacionalesNoNo
Competiciones nacionalesNo
Competiciones regionalesNo
Entrenamiento de alto nivelNo
Competiciones locales
Entrenamiento básicoNo
Uso escolar y recreativoNoNo

The main advantage of having LED technology is the low consumption of electricity. The electricity consumption of a tennis court is approximately 5Kwh to 6Kwh, which costs € 1 per hour, but if we use LED lights we would only consume 2.5Kwh to 2.7Kwh costing us about € 0.25 to € 0.30 per hour, saving us up to 70% on the electricity bill.

The lighting systems in the tennis courts were generally with halogen bulbs, and these, in addition to being one of the most polluting because they contain many toxic chemicals, if we compare them with LED bulbs we can see the energy savings that it supposes due to its equivalence in W Therefore, the best option is LED lighting in tennis.

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Some installations carried out:

  • Madrid:

Club Parque Granada (Fuenlabrada)

Urbanización Aravaca

Club Social y Deportivo La Berzosa, Hoyo de Manzanares

Urbanización El Guijo (Galapagar)

  • León:

Tenis 5 Pádel Indoor (León)

  •  Lleida:

Club Natació (Lleida)

  • Sevilla:

Asociación Recreativa Club Social Paraíso (Sevilla)

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