LED office lighting

LED office lighting

From the first moment you will have no doubt that your ally for this task is the LED. You will save up to 80%, you will offer greater visual comfort and you will be able to customize the color temperature of your luminaires.

Office lighting must be very focused on work areas. Depending on the selected work area, we will decide what type of luminaire to use.

Most of the time the chosen one is the LED Panel, the unrivaled product when it comes to lighting without glare. The end, design a uniform lighting. You will find two very different areas in an office:

iluminación led para oficinas
  • Computerized work areas: the vast majority of office work is done in front of a computer. Working on it is visually highly tiring, therefore, a high quality of lighting is needed in the work environment. There should be no glare or reflections, as well as a well-balanced color temperature, in this way we can prevent future medical problems. In this situation, and to achieve the desired effect, we must place the luminaires above the line of sight. Generally, in the ceiling, either recessed or suspended. From the ceiling we get direct lighting. Meanwhile, if we did it from the wall we would get it indirect. Take into account the number of jobs and their respective screens. For this reason, we will place the luminaires as high as possible. Recommended lighting levels are around 500-750 lux. We recommend combining general lighting with spot lighting to achieve an extra 200-300 lux for each individual workstation.
  • Multifunction work areas: within your office you will have to illuminate not only the computer areas but also the meeting rooms, the rest areas, the reception … Each of these areas has its lighting needs. Here, you will find everything you need to achieve the lighting with the highest performance in each of them. With correct lighting you will be able to increase productivity and improve the mood of your workers. Always look for the most homogeneous lighting and remember the role of temperature, in OptimaLED we recommend the 5000ºK tone for work centers, since it is the tone most similar to sunlight, so all your work will have a color similar to reality .

Other types of office lighting

  • Spot lighting: lighting concentrated on a small area. There are two types of spot lighting. A series from the same work table with, for example, a flexo. On the other hand, there would be suspension lighting, from the ceiling with a closed and concentrated angle of light on the table of each worker. Preferably we will try a lateral light projection that will reduce shadows and reflections.
  • Decorative lighting – a type of luminaires for commercial and non-functional purposes. They should not interfere with or cause visual disturbances.

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