Multisport LED lighting

LED lighting for sports facilities

When it comes to providing LED lighting in sports facilities, it is important to generate visibility conditions for athletes, referees and spectators. Athletes must quickly and safely detect small objects in every type of sport, and spectators must be able to watch events effortlessly.

The goal of lighting a sports arena with LEDs is to improve the quality and reliability of lighting with careful lighting balance to make the event even more enjoyable for everyone.

Benefits of using LED lighting in sports facilities

  • They achieve excellent lighting and prevent reflections or loss of night vision without emitting heat.
  • In addition to providing a much faster start-up, each bulb is configured to illuminate a certain part of the space for greater use of light.
  • Not only is there an improvement in light, but there is also an energy saving of 70%.
  • Increased durability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reducing maintenance costs and providing greater durability.

Type of LED lighting in sport

  • Football pitch lighting: Uniform, with visual comfort and limited glare.
  • Hockey rink lighting: A uniform distribution of light and a color temperature comparable to natural light.
  • Tennis court lighting: adequate visibility for players and spectators with the ball always visible.
  • Lighting of rugby fields: uniform throughout the field and that the ball can be seen throughout its entire route, without the spotlights in the stands casting long shadows.
  • Athletics track lighting: Athletes, judges and coaches must clearly see everything that happens on the tracks during competition or training. Spectators must be able to follow the progress of the athletes on the track and what is happening around them.
  • Golf Course Lighting: Distance markings must be clearly visible to follow the path of the ball. The tees have their own lighting.
  • Multisport court lighting: ensure that the lighting is uniform and avoid glare and light pollution, adapting to the sport practiced.
  • Baseball/softball court lighting: high levels of lighting in the infield that allow the trajectory and position of the ball to be followed.

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