Led lighting work areas

Led lighting work areas

When we talk about lighting in work areas, we must put aside the aesthetic concept and focus on functionality. We will opt for LED lighting due to consumption savings and increased visual comfort. This type of luminaire largely avoids glare, a key to the perfect development of tasks.

We must achieve a pleasant environment, of course, but above all we must mediate for the safety of our employees. The LED will help us to do this by avoiding, for example, the strobe effect. With this effect, the worker loses normal vision and sees objects jumping, which can be dangerous when carrying out the work.

A warehouse or workshop must achieve a light that is projected in a diffused way, preventing workers from being dazzled by a ray of light. Within all types of luminaires you can choose between LED Panels, Watertight Screens or Hoods. With any of them you can achieve balanced lighting.

iluminación led para zonas de trabajo

We recommend the Watertight Screen. Within our products you can find different versions of these luminaires. We emphasize that they all have a minimum IP65 protection index, which qualifies them as a waterproof product. That is to say, it is resistant to water and the humidity that you may have in your workplace will not affect it. We even have the ATEX anti-explosion model ideal for factories that handle chemical materials.

One of the keys is to use a general light and direct light on the direct work areas. Never forget that artificial lighting should be a complement to natural light, if you can have it.

It is very important to decide what type of luminaire is needed in each warehouse location. The location and the function will tell you how many luxes you should get and what color temperature you should use.

  • Work areas: 750- 1200 Luxes. You will need a neutral or cold light, around 5000K. These are areas that should encourage concentration and allow the eye to remain alert during working hours.
  • Passage areas: 150-250 Luxes. You can use a warm light, which encourages more rest. You will be around 2500-300K.

We must take into account the height of the ceilings. Some venues exceed 6 meters in height. In this situation, we must vary the opening angle of the product that we use. The higher the ceiling, the smaller the opening angle should be. Why? Our mission will be to prevent the light from blurring and getting lost along the way.

If you need to renew the luminaire in your warehouse or workshop, do not hesitate to count on us, we can carry out a free lighting study to find out the lighting and savings achieved by switching to LED.

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