LED Paddle Lighting

LED Paddle Court Lights

Paddle tennis is a deeply rooted sport in European countries, there are more and more fans of this sport that is so addictive due to the high level of paddle tennis players. And it is that playing paddle tennis demands a fairly strict dedication where paddle training is quite demanding, it is for this reason that the paddle tennis court must have all the elements of the best quality so that the players perform at 100% of their capacity both In the game as in training and lighting on the paddle tennis court is essential.

In the LED lighting in the Paddle it is very important to denote that a study must be done before installing the LED luminaires. To apply the study of energy and light efficiency we must know the type of paddle tennis court with which we find, since it can be an outdoor paddle tennis court or an indoor paddle tennis court, also if they are made of glass or walls.

iluminación led en pistas de pádel

LED lighting in the Paddle offers many advantages compared to other lighting systems so before talking about the study of energy and light efficiency let’s see what they are:

  • They save up to 70% of electrical energy in sports facilities, in this case, on paddle tennis courts.
  • LED technology provides up to 20% more illumination without overloading visibility.
  • It offers a CRI level of 100 or close to 100, allowing colors to be reproduced with high fidelity, as if they were outdoors in sunlight.
  • The LED Spotlights are more resistant, they can withstand a hit from a paddle ball without breaking (although they are up to 6m high it is possible that it happens) this in turn helps with safety since there would be no broken glass or chemicals such as mercury that can harm both paddle tennis players and spectators.
  • LED luminaires require less maintenance as they have a very long useful life and resist vibrations and shocks.

In order to implement the study of energy and light efficiency we must follow the UNE-EN 12193 standard, which is what indicates how the lighting of sports facilities should be to ensure good visual conditions for both paddle tennis players, athletes, referees, spectators even for the recording and transmission by television cameras. So the lighting of the paddle tennis court must be uniform in a way that facilitates visibility and a high CRI with the following minimum lighting levels as shown below:

Niveles mínimos de iluminación para exterioresIluminancia horizontal
E med (lux)
E min/E med
Competiciones internacionales y nacionales5000,7
Competiciones regionales y entrenamiento de alto nivel3000,7
Competiciones locales, entrenamiento, uso escolar y recreativo2000,5

To cover the UNE-EN 12193 standard in national and international paddle tennis competitions of 500 Lux of illuminance and 0.7 of uniformity, 8 200W LED Spotlights must be used. For the regional paddle tennis competitions and high-level paddle training, 300 Lux of illuminance and 0.7 of uniformity are required, to meet this demand, 8 150W LED Spotlights can be installed. And finally, local paddle tennis competitions, paddle tennis training and school and recreational use require 200 Lux of illuminance and 0.5 of uniformity, in this case 8 100W LED Spotlights can be installed.

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Some installations carried out:

  • Madrid:

Moraleja Pádel Indoor (Humanes)

La Nave Pádel Center (Guadarrama)

200 por 100 Pádel (Villalba)


Club Más Pádel  (Las Rozas)

Almanzor Padel  (Arganda del Rey)

Club Social y Deportivo La Berzosa (Hoyo de Manzanares)

  • León:

Pádel Park León (León)

  • Barcelona:

Complex Esportiu Municipal Cardedeu (Cardedeu)

  •  Lleida:

Club Natació (Lleida)

  • Castellón de la Plana:

Instalaciones Deportivas Peri Esport (Castellón de la Plana)

  • Alicante:

Urbanización Calas de Campoamor (Orihuela Costa)

  • Sevilla:

Asociación Recreativa Club Social Paraíso (Sevilla)

  • Valladolid, Zamora, Zaragoza, Albacete, Valencia, Castellón, País Vasco, Granada, Málaga, Cádiz, etc.
  •  Varias en Francia, Italia, Holanda, Alemania, Finlandia, Senegal y Caribe.

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