LED lighting for soccer fields

LED lighting for soccer fields

Beyond the specific regulations for LED lighting for soccer fields and their demands, which are becoming more and more as technological advances, it is very important to plan the installation of LED lighting on soccer fields and there are issues that must be addressed. take into account how:

  • The number of led spotlights
  • The height of the columns
  • The angle of the spotlights, for the uniformity of lighting
  • The distance of the led spotlights
  • The power of led spotlights
  • Forecast of expansion of number of foci

For all this it is important to be advised when planning the Led luminaire. With our experience we recommend according to each particular and personalized house.

Advantages of Led lighting on soccer fields

  • Energy efficiency: it significantly reduces traditional energy consumption, lowers the need to hire more power and lowers maintenance costs. Everything demonstrates the sustainability of led spotlights.
  • Switching on: switching on is immediate, that is, it does not take time for them to reach their maximum light power. They can be turned on and off without long waits.
  • Useful life: they have a longer useful life than traditional lighting.
  • Lower height: since they do not heat up as much as the old lighting, they can be colored at a shorter distance or closer to the football field.
  • Quality: the light is distributed evenly, which resembles natural light. So soccer players have perfect visibility and comfort as well as spectators no matter how far away they are.
  • Precise lighting: LED spotlights do not produce light pollution and focus their light where it is strictly necessary without disturbing the stands or the surroundings of the stadium, so it is anti-glare.
  • Blinking: they have a low flicker rate, which makes the LED spotlights for soccer fields very suitable for television broadcasts.
  • Latest technology: ÓptimaLED’s LED spotlights have the latest technology with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Types of led lighting for football stadiums

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